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Transfer your precious photos to digital format
Most of us have boxes of old photos, a stack of photo albums or some old family pictures that have been passed down.  All are valuable, priceless and most likely irreplaceable.  Yet they are gathering dust in your closet, a shoebox or a cardboard box, never allowing those moments captured in time to be enjoyed.  The thought of scanning all of those pictures is discouraging…you know how long that will take and chances are you will be tired of doing it after 1 afternoon and never finish the job.
This is where I can help you bring those moments back to life….allow you to share with family, friends, get some reprints, enlarge, post to facebook.  I will turn all of your old photos into digital media (CD, DVD, SD card or Jump Drive.)

Process for Every photo;
·         Hand Scanned, one photo at a time.
·         Hand Cropped to the edge of the image to remove any over scan border
·         Rotating of each image to the proper orientation
·         Image-By-Image correction of exposure problems
·         Image-By-Image correction of color problems
·         Online reviewing/access. Send your favorites right to your facebook page!           
·         I can also scan your prints that sit in old photo albums. I charge a handling fee of 15 cents per photo to remove them from the pages of the photo albums. Photos will be safely removed if possible. If not, I scan the album pages and crop to individual pictures.
·         Your original prints/albums will be returned to you as I received them, along with a DVD.  (extra charge for SD Card or Jump drive)

Photo Resolution:  I can scan photos up to 8x10 / Color or B&W.  Photos will be scanned at 300 or 600 DPI – your choice. 
·         300 dpi  - If your images are 3×5 inches or larger and you never plan to enlarge to much bigger prints, then stick to 300 dpi resolution. Your files will be a manageable size for printing and sharing online. 
·         600 dpi  -  If you plan to make enlargements or you have photos smaller than 3×5 inches or if you expect to crop your digitized images, then scan at 600dpi.

 Quick Turnaround
·         <250 photos - 7-10 business days
·         251-500 photos - 11-14 business days

Photos (per photo)

300 dpi - $0.45
600 dpi - $0.55
Photos from your Photo Album (per photo)

300 dpi - $0.60
600 dpi - $0.70

·         Additional CD/DVDs at time of original order - $10.00
·         Additional CD/DVDs in future (I will keep your images on my server for you to order additional discs in the future) - $15.00
·         Digital images provided on SD card (instead of DVD) - $20.00 (Could be more depending on size of project)
·         Digital images provided on Jump Drive (instead of DVD) - $20.00  (Could be more depending on size of project)
·         Local Pick up/Drop off service available
·         Introductory Special, Shipping & Handling a flat fee of $6.95 on most orders (excessively large orders with photo albums, etc will be charged accordingly)

·         Like my Facebook page @  AND Share it with your friends you will receive FREE Shipping & Handling
·         Refer a friend who becomes a client for scanning or Photography services and receive 20% off of your next order OR on a photography service.

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