Friday, December 28, 2012

Im Back......

Although, I never really went away.....physically, at least.  2012 has been a very emotionally trying year for me and a lot has happened in my personal life that has made me loose focus of my goals and what I want to achieve in my life.

I started this little venture in the spring of 2012 and by mid summer I was building some momentum - I was actually doing better than I thought I would have.  Then late summer it all came to a shrieking stop due to me becoming a "drama mama".  Of course it is never a good idea for someone new to a business to just fall off the face of the earth, but I did and I missed some golden opportunities, I am sure!  While I certainly do regret my choices, I also know that I would not have been capable of giving my 110% effort and I would never be happy providing my customers with anything less that that level of effort and attention.

Fortunately, I had a party booked for December 23  and as the days led up to the event and as I started to prepare that little flame from within began to ignite.  The day of the party was magnificent and the party itself was filled with so much joy & love it only excited me more to get myself back on track!  I was truly blessed to have had this job booked - it was just what I needed.

While I cannot change the past few moths, I am now, officially, re focused and plan on making myself "known" in 2013.  I have some challenges ahead of me, that is for sure- but I am confident that I can and will do it!

So, keep me in mind for any of your parties, events, gatherings or anything else that I may be able to assist you with!

Have a wonderful day!

PS...check out some of my new pictures that I am posting!!!

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